【Basic Kanji01】 Let's get started 今 日 月

 こたろうです。すみません。。アランが日本語の漢字を勉強し出したので、手元で漢字ドリル的なものを作っていたのですが、日本語を勉強している外国人の方にもとおもって、こちらで作ろうと思います! 日本語説明の時は英語で行きます!


My name is Kotaro who staying in Japan with a Nepali husband, Aran.

Since my husband is laso learning Kanji with me, I have started to make our own drill of Kanji and think this also could assist someone  who is learning Japanese, specially Kanji. 

This is for someone who have mastered Hiragana and Katakana.

Then... let's get started ! 




  • how to pronounce (nihonde hajimete no oshougatsu desu)
  • what to mean :This year is the first New Year in Japan.

We pronounce 日本 both nippon and nihon.



今 (ima) now, current, present.

I suggest 今 from this sentence first.

I have realized that this kanji is changed its pronounciations when this conbined other kanji variously.

I recommend you to remember as they are. Here I suggest N5 or N4 level combined one (Jukugo)

  • 今から(imakara) from now on
  • 今日(kyou) today - this is the one to pronounce kyo...., i believe.. 
  • 今月(kongetsu) this month

HOW TO remember:above one is like a roof. Under the roof, katakana "ラ" is situated.


日 (hi)day, the sun

Next, 日 from 日本, you defnetely know what 日本 is.  This name means... from Wikipedia.

The Japanese word for Japan is 日本, which is pronounced Nihon or Nippon and literally means "the origin of the sun". The character nichi () means "sun" or "day"; hon () means "base" or "origin".[25] The compound therefore means "origin of the sun" and is the source of the popular Western epithet "Land of the Rising Sun".[26]

This also has a lot of pronounciations when this conbined other kanji. I recommend you to remember as they are. Here I suggest N5  level combined one (Jukugo) 


  1. 日にち(hinichi) date
  2. よう日(youbi) day of the week
  3. 日よう日(nichiyoubi) sunday
  4. 一日(ichinichi) one day - when to count a number of days
  5. 一日(tsuitachi) first day of a month- this is the one to pronounce tachi, i believe.. 

HOW TO remember  : This is really from the shape of the sun.  Circle and dot centered was transformed 日.


月 (tsuki) month, the moon

Last one is 月 today. This was created from the shape of crescent moon. 


  • 月日(tsukihi) day
  • 月よう日(getsuyobi) Monday
  • 一月(ichigatsu) January



How was it? I have realized easier Kanji more profound this time! I am learning a lot :)