【Basic Kanji 12】東(higashi, tou)east, 車(kuruma, sya)

Hi there ! I am Kotaro who has a Nepali husband, Araam.

He learns Kanji for N5 or N4 (Japanese language level),  I have been trying to find out how to memorize them easily. 


I will introduce remains of the former posts.

Kanjis that look like based on 木

similar to 木

similar to 木

This time we learn ⑥東 for the last.



And Kanji 東 has 日 in it. We see this. We have learned 日 other time.

the sun and tree make the east

the sun and tree make the east

East is the direction where the sun rises. 

We can picture this in our mind.....the sun rising up behind a tree in the east direction.

the sun

the sun rises behind of a tree

木 letter printed is like this.




But hand writing one sometimes forms this way. So this is still 木.


sometimes hand writing can be different from printed one


  • 東口(higashi guchi*)east exit, east entrance
  • 東京(toukyo)
  • 東北(touhoku) northeast, Touhoku region in Japan

*We pronouce 口(kuchi) GUCHI in this case. 


Tips1:Kanjis for Direction(とうざいなんぼく)

We can memorize following in order to remember four Kanjis for direction

とうざいなんぼく(tou zai nan boku)

Kanjis are writed this 東西南北


First try to repeat this pronounciaton just. Then we will learn three other than 東 later. 


Have you noticed 車 similar to 東... ?

Although we are learning 東 since it seems to be derived from 木, 車 doesn't have 木 in it. But shall we remember this since we are learning 東 which looks like 車?




  • でん車(densya)train
  • じどう車(jidousya)car


How to stroke 東 and 車

from left to right

About tow lines in 車 up and down, 車 letter printed longer ones than the width of 日 but we don't have to mind this so much. When we write by hand, we Japanese don't mind the length.


Now we have finished six Kanjis. Let's keep learning more Kanjis together.