【Basic Kanji05】Father is hairy. 父

Hi my name Kotaro who is Japanese and has a Nepali husband that has been learning Japanese. I am sharing how to learn Kanji for N5 , easy ones here , with you who are also learning our Japanese.


父(ちち)father used have whips to control family members

Last time I introduced Kanjis expressing genger.I haven't mentioned father, 父。Actually I couldn't find easy ways to remember this Kanji like 女、母、男…then I introduce an normal way to memorize this.



Father plays a leader in their families mostly even today as like they were. In acient time they used whips to lead family members. Kanji, 父 expresses whips.



  • お父さん(otousan) father
  • 父(chichi) father

Fathers sometimes are hairy.

But...staring at 父... I saw something associated with father...



The order to stroke of 父

you can write ハ of katakana. And add two whips.