【Basic Kanji06】上下左右 are erotic

Hi there! 

Since I've found a lot of people are supposed to be confused with migi and hidari that are used to express directions, I will introduce an easy way to memorize them in Kanji.

Adding other two directions, I suggest you to memorize four words to express direction.

Above indicates which directions they each express.

  • 上(ue)upper, top, above
  • 下(shita)under, below, lower part
  • 左(hidari) left
  • 右(migi)right


My suggestion is to remember all them connected by a cross like this.


How to remember 上下

Actually 上 means upper but this has a line on the bottom, oppositely 下 means below but it has a line in the top.


Katakana , is combined with the bar.

Only in case of 上、the horizontal line needs to be straight instead of be lowered slightly.


How to remember 右左

In fact, these Kanji are erotic. They have common stroke like katakana, ナ  on  the top. And under ナ  , 左 has katakana and 右 has katakana .
In Japanese, we call "ero" (エロ)something erotic.

So you can memorize like this...from left to right it is erotic under ナ.lol.