【Basic Kanji03】For safety.危険、消火、出口、消費、冷蔵

 Hi my name Kotaro who is Japanese and has a Nepali husband that has been learning Japanese. I am sharing how to learn Kanji for N5 , easy ones here , with you who are also learning our Japanese. 

It was Dangerous!

Yesterday my Nepali husband, Araam told me,

 I cleaned pods by this.

 Showing this box.


This is kind of bleach.....!!

Did you wear gloves ?


Eeee, your hands are all right?


Since he couldn't understand this Kanji, he thought it a normal detergent…So I want you guys learn this.



It means Dangerous!


危 means danger

This Kanji is composed of three symbols.

  • a Cliff
  • a person on it
  • a person who is on a knee.

A clif with a person on 


+ A  Person in a knee is under the clif



険 means jagged.

阝on the left expresses jagged mountains.

The right means a person with mouth wide opened under a roof.


If u see "まぜるな危険" on a bottle, be careful to use it. 

Make use to use it individually, not with other detergents. Otherwiseh the chlorine gas is produced. 

消火器(shoukaki)a fire extinguisher



  •  消す(kesu)extinguish, put off, erase, delete, run out
  • 火 (hi, ka)fire - this kanji was created based on the shape of flame.



This is easier to memorize. It means exit.



When something happens indoors, you need see search this Kanji to get out.

  •  出る(deru)to get out
  • 口(kuchi)mouth, gateway, hole - we pronounce this alone "kuchi" but if it is conbinded with other kanji, it is pronounced "guchi" or "kou". This time u can remember just Deguchi as 出口
  • BTW...  About how to write , this is almost same as Katakana, ロ(ro). 

入り口(iriguchi) is an entrance.

消費期限(shouhikigen) expiration date, use-by date

If you have ready made food in your refg, take it out to see the back. You will see this word or 賞味期限。賞味期限(shoumikigen)means "best-before date". 


have you notice that this is same as 消 of 消火器?

消す(kesu)means to  erase, remove...

something gone out. So you need finish it before this date. If today is after 消費期限 date, it would be better to throw it away. If you eat it, you would have diarrhea....

要冷蔵(youreizou)keep refrigerated

And you can see another one on the right bottom, 要冷蔵 in the pic above.  Foods with this word on need to be kept in refg.

  • 要(you) means required, necessary
  • 冷 (rei) means cold. You may have heard  "冷たい"(tsumetai).
  • 蔵(zou)means to store.