【Basic Kanji02】 日 and something.(日を目で見ると白くて明るい)

Hi everyone. Kotaro-desu. Dewa, kyou no nihongo desu.


This time I let you know a easy way to memorize some Kanji by categorizing 日 family.

(In real Kanji world, they are not categorized same but this is only for learning) If you add something to 日, you can make others.






If you see the sun by eyes, it is white and bright.


(me) eye

This kanji is a pictograph.



見る (miru) to see, to watch.

Since we see something by eyes, 見る is derived from 目.

  • 見る(miru) to see, watch
  • 見える(mieru) to look, to be seen.
  • 見せる(miseru) to show, to display


One day when you are walk on the street,  a police officer approchs and asks you to show your the certificate to stay in Japan when you are walking....

ざいりゅうしかくしょう(the certificate)を見せてください。(could you show?)

はい、こちらです(yes, here you are)

よく見えません( it is not seen very well). ちゃんと、見せてください。(show it very well please.)

白 (shiro) white.

If you add ' on 日, it becomes 白.

  • 白い(siroi) white
  • おも白い(omosiroi) interesting, funny


Actually if you add a bar on 白 and make 百, this comes to mean a hundread.  

明るい (akarui) bright, obvious, auspicious.

明 is obiously connected 日 and 月(tsuki).  We can see the moon(月) since it is lighted by the sun :)

  • 明るい(akai) bright
  • 明らか(akiraka) obvious,clear
  • 明日(asu or ashita) tomorrow.

"hopeful day" means tomorrow in Japanese. It is nice, isn't it? But even I don't know which part of "asu"  is pronounciation for "明" in this combinbed Jukugo.