【Basic Kanji04】Hot and sexy 女、母、男

Hi my name Kotaro who is Japanese and has a Nepali husband that has been learning Japanese.I am sharing how to learn Kanji for N5 , easy ones here , with you who are also learning our Japanese.

Today I want to share an easy way to memorize kanji related with something hot.lol


  • 女子(じょし) woman 

 You would see this indicating rest room for woman.

  • 女の子(おんなのこ)

If 女子 has の in the middle, it turns to mean girl. 

  • 女性(じょせい)woman, female

When you indicate something about woman, use this word instead of 女子.

Such as...日本の女性はきれいですね(Japanese women are pretty)



Pink strolls similar to 女,  two dots situated in 女 and a bar on the top are associated with breasts again....but these really express mother's breasts.




Both means mother but we use はは only when we indicate our own mother to others like..

If someone asks if your mother is doing well,,,,


お母さんは、さいきん、おげんきですか?(Is your mother recently doing well?)


you can say

はい、母はげんきです(yes my mother is doing great)


Only taking about female kanjis isn't fare.Next is a male kanji.


How to stroke 女 and 母

Technically that I introduce above isn't correct about how to stroke 母.

This is right ways each.



  • 男 can be divided into to kanjis.田and 力.
  • 田(ta)  is rice field. 力(chikara) is power and strength.
  • is almost same as Katakana カ

Japanese used to center  around the rice harvesting culture. Cultivating was men's work mainly. So the combination of rice field田 and  strength 力 came to meaning man.


If you look down on rice fields from the sky, they are seen like this pattern. And a big arm made 力(chiakra) kanji.



  • 男子(だんし) man 

 You would see this indicating rest room for woman.

  • 男の子

This is same as 女の子. This define boy.

  • 男性(だんせい)man, male

How to stroke 男