【Basic Kanji08】牛(ushi), 半(han), 手(te)~Similar forms

Hi there ! 

Since I have a Nepali husband, Araam, who learns Kanji for N5 or N4 (Japanese language level),  I have been trying to find out how to memorize them easily. 

Today I want to share  three Kanjis following. Their definitions are totally different each other  but their forms are kind of similar. So I get them together here.


Let's get started !

Ah before it , Pls set your browser's language "not translated in English"



a common form in 牛、半 and 手


  • 牛(ushi)cow 
  • 半(han, naka)middle, half
  • 手(te, shu) hand, direction

 Similar forms of 牛 and 半

 I remember one famous Sukiyaki restauran in Tokyo, 今半(ima han). They deal beef, 牛肉(gyu niku).... 今半 , 牛肉... If you can associate them, it must be easier to memorize these Kanjis...

(Actually Hindu people like Nepali don't eat beef meat since cow is sacred to them)


[How to stroke ]

The first one needs a little bit excurved.



牛(ushi, gyu)


  • 牛(ushi) cow
  • 牛乳(gyu-nyu) cow milk
  • 牛肉(gyu-niku) beef 

If we know 牛乳and 牛肉, we can easily shop  in supermarkets. 

乳 means milk. 肉 means meat.


半(han)and 卵(tamago)

This also has several pronounciations. Don't think the reason but just remember the words combined such as....

  • 半分(hanbun) half 
  • そのコップに半分まで水をいれてください Could you fill the glass up halfway?


half-filled 半分

  • 大半(taihan) mostly, generally  ※We pronounce 大 (tai) in this case.
  • 半じゅく(hanjuku tamago) egg over easy

 ※You may see  for the first time.This is one of N4 Kanjis. So let's remember this here. Anyway I think this looks like frog's egg.... like this.


sorry creepy ?!
  • 半ば (nakaba) middle

     週(shu)の半ば in the middle of week

Actuall I don't know other words that we pronounce 半 "naka".

 手(te, shu) hand

手 also has two horizontal and one vertical lines like 牛 and 半 but vertical one is a bit arched toward to the left. And vertical one needs to has upward brushstroke in the bottom.

Andthis forms based on the shape of a palm. 


 How to stroke is this.

How to use 手

  • 右手(migite) right hand, right side
  • 左手(hidarite) left hand, left side.

About "right / left side " , you can say , "お店は、右手にあります。" , when you indicate a shop is on one's right side.


I hope it is easy for you to remember them. Keep learning Kanjis with us!